Criminal Defense 24/7 in Arizona

ALL NIGHT ATTORNEY® is a Phoenix criminal defense firm aggressively defending clients and taking their needs seriously.

At ALL NIGHT ATTORNEY®, we guarantee our best efforts in handling your case. If you have been arrested, you do not have to handle the matter on your own. No matter what time of day or night you can have the assistance of ALL NIGHT ATTORNEY®. It is important that you understand that the police and prosecutor are not your friends. They are in the business of obtaining convictions. Do not speak to police, investigators, or the prosecution without competent legal counsel on your side.

In these situations, you must know your rights and you must assert them. The police and prosecutors will rely on your lack of knowledge of the system to secure your conviction. It is critical that you have access to a lawyer who can advise you of these rights in order to ensure that you assert them. Remember that you have the right to have an attorney, make sure you assert that right immediately and clearly. The sooner you employ a professional to protect your interests then the better your chances of resolving the matter in your favor.

Every second matters when you are dealing with the police. It is imperative to be connected immediately with a criminal defense attorney who can advise you when you need it most. Being connected with an experienced criminal defense attorney often will help you substantially reduce your charges or have them dropped entirely.

You always have direct access to an experienced lawyer who can answer your questions in your hour of need.


The premise behind our firm’s approach is simple, you usually don’t need an attorney during “normal” business hours. You need an attorney late at night, on the weekend, when you’re in the middle of dealing with the police. Its important to be connected with legal representation who knows how to advise you in the moment. This can help you substantially reduce your charges or get rid of them entirely. In the worst case scenarios it is important to have an attorney who works with bail-bond companies and is familiar with jails where you could be taken. Having access to legal representation in these critical moments can make the difference between you being held in custody or released with little to no bond.


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