ALL NIGHT ATTORNEY® is a valley based law firm comprised of young, aggressive, and experienced attorneys who will be there when you need one most.

Unlike larger “bargain-bin” law firms who utilize answering services or non-attorney personnel to screen calls before connecting you to a real lawyer, at ALL NIGHT ATTORNEY® your call is always answered by an attorney.


I was looking at a 2.5 year incarceration for assault on an officer when I called ALL NIGHT ATTORNEY®. Extremely nervous & nauseous ALL NIGHT ATTORNEY® walked me thru this & literally got me thru this case much sooner than I imagined. He went to bat for days with the prosecutor & somehow the amazing Mr. Slade got me ‘No Jail Time’ & very minimal probation. Have & will continue to recommend ALL NIGHT ATTORNEY® to anyone needing an A+ attorney.

Angela from Tempe

Calling ALL NIGHT ATTORNEY was the best call I’ve ever made.

They are the best attorneys ever! They were very professional and took care of everything that needed to be done. They are very thorough and kept me well informed with every step of the process. I highly recommend Mr Slade as your attorney. I was looking at a super extreme DUI and ALL NIGHT ATTORNEY® got it down to a reckless driving. They would answer my calls right away or called me back within minutes. They definitely knows what he’s doing. I thank you ALL NIGHT ATTORNEY® for all that you have done for my case. I will definitely recommend you to anyone that requires your services.

Luis from Tempe

ALL NIGHT ATTORNEY® was the best attorney I could have ever wished for!

ALL NIGHT ATTORNEY® is extremely proficient, detail-oriented, and thorough from the beginning of my case to the end. They are very knowledgeable and fought hard to win my case, while giving me realistic expectations. I don’t know what I would have done or where I would be without their representation on this case.

Brian from Gilbert

I was in the process of being pulled over on a Saturday night. I had a couple drinks and I know I shouldn’t have been driving. An attorney from The ALL NIGHT ATTORNEY® answered immediately before the officer got to my window. The attorney told me what my rights were, what I had to do, and most importantly what I did not have to do. I was still arrested and ticketed for a DUI but because of the ALL NIGHT ATTORNEY® the prosecutor did not have enough evidence and ended up dismissing my case. I am eternally grateful for the lawyers at The ALL NIGHT ATTORNEY®.

Todd From Phoenix

5 stars! I will always recommend ALL NIGHT ATTORNEY

ALL NIGHT ATTORNEY® can navigate the bureaucratic maze of cubicle zombies like a righteous zombie slayer. His fee is very reasonable, he solved my issue rapidly and got me what I needed. I will always recommend ALL NIGHT ATTORNEY®.

Scott from Phoenix

ALL NIGHT ATTORNEY® is very professional and affordable!

I had no faith I would beat this case by myself! ALL NIGHT ATTORNEY® has beat my case On 07/13! #amen I have no worries for my future now and I can’t thank them enough for everything they have done for me! Thank so much ALL NIGHT ATTORNEY®!

Michelle from Scottsdale

ALL NIGHT ATTORNEY® are the most professional and down-to-earth!

They helped me to amend my criminal speeding, class 3 misdemeanor to civil that I surely wasn’t able to do by myself. I met them by chance in San Tan justice court, when I was totally helpless and ready to plea guilty. They took a look at my case and provided me with lots of options and facts that I had no idea about (and believe me I’d done my homework on the internet before) and I instantly realized they exactly knew what they were doing. Once they realized I am an international student, with harsh financial conditions, jeopardizing my immigration status with this criminal ticket, they walked me through every step that I appreciate the most. Literally, I did not do ANYTHING and they took care of every step on my case. I would definitely recommend ALL NIGHT ATTORNEY® to anyone who is looking for a lawyer or an attorney. They knew almost everyone in the San Tan justice court (which I believe is of great importance to your case) and without a shadow of doubt, they would do anything they could for you. I wouldn’t hire any other attorney. Not only are they skilled attorneys, but they are also such a wonderful human-beings, absolutely willing to help there fellows. You’ll see what I’m saying once you meet them.

Majid from Scottsdale

You always have direct access to an experienced lawyer who can answer your questions in your hour of need.


The premise behind our firm’s approach is simple, you usually don’t need an attorney during “normal” business hours. You need an attorney late at night, on the weekend, when you’re in the middle of dealing with the police. Its important to be connected with legal representation who knows how to advise you in the moment. This can help you substantially reduce your charges or get rid of them entirely. In the worst case scenarios it is important to have an attorney who works with bail-bond companies and is familiar with jails where you could be taken. Having access to legal representation in these critical moments can make the difference between you being held in custody or released with little to no bond. .


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